CLIENT: Nolting Manufacturing
TYPE: Existing Business, New Owner
SERVICES: Website Design, Programming, Online Marketing, Continual Updates
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Nolting Manufacturing, home of the world’s “original” hand guided longarm-quilting machines, was originally owned by Fred Nolting. When Nolting sold the business to Dan Terrill, the company was selling only a few machines per month.

Dan’s first priority was the reduction of costs while improving the marketing strategy for Nolting Manufacturing. Dan approached Desiant because of our ability to offer hosting at a significantly reduced price compared to what they were paying at the time, but he also communicated to us his desire for an improved website design that would be an asset to his company, not an added expense.


The original website, which was created in Microsoft FrontPage, was in dire need of a new design and additional back-end functionality. Nolting’s new design presented a more sophisticated look and incorporated all the sections and features that had been added over the years. To improve functionality, we added MODS, our content management system, which allows the client to update 90% of the content on the website without paying designer update fees. The one-time cost proved to be a quick return on investment. For the next couple years, we continued to add functionality, and more MODS, as well as an online catalog for accessories and patterns.

With creative content and vigorous online marketing, we set up ads that appeared every time someone searched for Nolting’s major competitor, Gammill. Because of increasing competition in the quilting industry, and an influx of investor capital for Nolting’s competitors, we created a new design that would reinforce Nolting’s competitive position as the world’s “original” manufacturer of quilting machines.


The new design was highly effective, considerably decreasing the bounce ratio on the website (number of people leaving) and increasing page views. The online marketing strategy produced solid results, increasing interest in the company and traffic to the website.

In 5 short years, as a result of new marketing strategies and improved internal processes, Nolting Manufacturing increased sales 1000%.