CLIENT: Ladies Tools Online
TYPE: Start-Up
LAUNCH DATE: September 11, 2005
FIRST ORDER: September 12, 2005
ROI: 100% Return on Investment 75 days after launch.
SERVICES: Website Design, E-commerce Development, Hosting, Online Marketing, Continual Updates
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Dave Matthias approached us in early September for help with his start-up company with a unique concept – to sell power and hand tools exclusively for women.’s unique offerings and target audience required a site design that would not only effectively communicate Dave’s vision, but build credibility and customer loyalty. Because ads for the website were going to appear in a national publication in early September, we had minimal time in which to develop a secure fully functional e-commerce site.


To help him accomplish his goals, we developed a comprehensive site design plan that included hosting, e-commerce development, aggressive online marketing, and integrated payment processing. Later, we added product photography and testimonials, improving the overall quality of the site as well as sales.


In September, we launched and set up an online marketing campaign that effectively reached 95% of all US internet users. The day after the site launch we received a call from the owner. “I got my first order…now what do I do?” Later that day, we got the second call: “I got another one…can you walk me through that again?”

Tracking was installed to get insight into how users navigated through the website. Using this data on visitor behavior, we made several changes to the website that optimized the user’s experience.

We were also able to track conversion ratios for each marketing campaign throughout the peak sales season, which allowed us to reallocate advertising dollars for optimal ROI.

Currently, we are working to further improve conversion ratios and to lower the marketing cost per sale by improving ad quality and continually updating keywords. By adding cross-selling and up-selling to the site, we have increased the average sale price.

However, this is just the beginning. With constant review of site performance, customer/visitor behavior, customer feedback and cost analysis, the site is still improving.