SEO done right, the first time.

Every new web site we launch includes basic SEO services to make sure it delivers results.

Have you received a call from an SEO company?

During a meeting our client played a phone message from an SEO company. It was funny. The caller went on to explain, with statistics, how and where users click and what keyword they do not show up for on the first page of Google. They forgot to mention what SEO means. Our client didn't know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Why would he? He is not an online marketing expert he is an expert in his own field.

Why are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies calling prospects? If they are so good they would have all the business they wanted. Next time you get a call just ask them:

"If you are so good at what you do, why are you CALLING me?"

The best part is when a search engine optimization company emails and says that they can help you get on the first page of Google...the website is usually ALREADY on the first page! They forgot to send emails when the website was not on the first page. How is that for bad marketing?

One of many voicemail our clients' receive:

Here are a couple sample emails a client has been getting on a regular basis since we helped them get to page one not only for their keywords but those of their top competitor.

Here are the stats for the client these SEO firms want to help:

EdgeRider Wheels (wheels for quilting machines)
Edgerider wheels #1
Quilting machines wheels #1
gammill quilting machine wheels #1
Gammill quilting machines #8 (competitor)
Gammill quilting #8 (competitor)
apqs quilting machine wheels #1
apqs wheels #1

Our results speak for themselves and our clients' speak for us. Here are a few examples of what we have done for our clients'.

Hetter Heating and Cooling (Columbus, Ohio)
Heating and cooling columbus ohio #2
Heating and cooling columbus #2
Heating columbus ohio #2
Cooling Columbus ohio #3
Cooling Columbus #1


24-7 Protection Services
columbus ohio authorized adt dealer #1
columbus ohio adt dealer #2
columbus adt dealer #3


Ladies Tools Online (nationwide/international (english))
pink tools #5
pink tools women #2
pink hand tools #3
ladies tools #1


All this talk about after-the-fact search engine optimization services forgets to mention that if it had been done properly in the first place, when the site was designed, you would not need SEO.

A customer gave us a proposal from a competitor for SEO services that ends up costing $2500/month. The majority of our customers do not have to pay for search engine optimization. The basics are included in EVERY design. For those wanting a little better placement we have more in-depth options for much less than $2500/month.

Contact us today to find out how we do things right the first time for our client's.