CLIENT: Memorial Sketches
TYPE: Existing Business
LAUNCH DATE: May, 2010
SERVICES: Website Design, Hosting, Content Manager, Custom Development
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Memorial Sketches wanted to reach out to local funeral homes and offer web casting services along with their existing product lines. They needed a system that allowed an easy way to set up each client and web cast. There was also a need for large file storage and integration of the web casting service.


Matt from Memorial Sketches already had a layout and some of the data structures already planned out. We sat down with him to fill in the missing pieces and include some more features.

We set up the database for client and web cast management and designed the initial home page. As the project progressed we added more functionality. We added the ability to add more pages to the default home and web casting pages for each client. Options for customizing the design make it possible to create unique website's for each web casting client.

To solve the large file storage issues we decided to use Amazon Web Services. We integrated AWS into the back-end of the system to seamlessly store and retrieve large images and video files.

Later, we needed to add a notification system for each client. Using a third party email system that can take care of all the SMAP related issues was the best option. By using the API we were able to link the website together with the list management and email campaign functionality we needed from MailChimp.


Memorial Sketches now has several clients' set up on their system. They are not only offering web casting services but template based website's, hosting and email. We are constantly adding more features to the website to improve the user experience.